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Governor’s Charge to the Commission

The purpose of the blue-ribbon Commission on Local Government Reform (hereafter The Commission) is to develop recommendations to reform and restructure local government in Indiana in order to increase the efficiency and effectiveness of its operations and reduce its costs to Hoosier taxpayers.


From the Co-Chairs

Governor Daniels with Former Governor Kernan and Chief Justice Shepard

Indiana is in a period of historic transition, with information- and technology-based industries establishing a new foundation for the State’s economy. Gains in high-growth, high-wage industries signal a brightening economic future. This economic momentum makes Governor Daniels’ formation of the Commission on Local Government Reform especially timely. If we are to make the wisest investments in our future, we must ensure our government today is structured for the greatest efficiency and cost effectiveness.

Careful stewardship of taxpayer dollars is an ever-present concern as our local government seeks to not only maintain, but to improve schools, public safety, planning and economic development, and parks and recreation facilities — all while being mindful of the burden on taxpayers. We must examine outmoded administrative structures that drain resources away from the critical services that keep our towns and cities vital. 

In leading the work of the Commission, our goal is to deliver to the citizens of Indiana, by the end of 2007, a set of recommendations for ways to reduce the cost of local government, while making it more efficient and more effective. We will do this by researching past studies of government reform and by collecting and analyzing information from many sources and sectors. Our focus will be not just on what is expedient, but on solutions that promise to make significant improvements in the operation and cost of local government.

In December 2007, the Commission will deliver its recommendations  to the citizens of Indiana. These ideas will be available for discussion by the General Assembly  beginning in January 2008.   

This is work that concerns all of us. Your input and feedback will be important to our progress. Please visit this website for updates about the Commission membership and reports on our progress. You can access this information whenever and wherever it is convenient for you. We also invite you to communicate with us and the Commission via the contact form.

In promoting government reform, we hope that this Commission will help contribute to an improved quality of life for all Hoosiers. We welcome your participation in the process.


Joseph E. Kernan, former Governor of the State of Indiana
Randall T. Shepard, Chief Justice, Indiana Supreme Court

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