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Governor’s Charge to the Commission

The purpose of the blue-ribbon Commission on Local Government Reform (hereafter The Commission) is to develop recommendations to reform and restructure local government in Indiana in order to increase the efficiency and effectiveness of its operations and reduce its costs to Hoosier taxpayers.


Public Forums

To get the public’s insights, the Indiana Commission on Local Government Reform held six forums around the state during September and October. Forums were held at the locations listed below. The Commission extends its sincerest gratitude to the facilities that provided assistance in arranging and hosting the forums.

At each of the six events, forum participants provided input in moderated, small-group discussions about local government services and responsibilities, key issues they see affecting local government effectiveness, and reforms they believe would improve the delivery of necessary government services. Summaries of the input will be posted here and on the News page as they are available in the coming weeks.

If you were unable to attend one of the forums and would like to submit comments to the Commission, we invite you use the web form on this website, e-mail, or mail.

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